Create a code template for Facebook Pixel tracking to be used in an Unformatted text part.

It would be very helpful if Blackbauds Development team created a template similar to the one found in Knowledge Base article:

This would be beneficial as currently you lose the ability to user the internal tracking in FaceBook if clients are unable to code the FaceBook pixel onto an acknowledgment page once a donation is submitted. The reason you would want this is so that clients can alter the audiences depending on who donated. For example, if you and 100 other people and FaceBook has those 100 out of the 3000 that viewed the add, Facebook can then give you suggestion on how to adjust your advertisements to capture a larger audience. 

Currently this is a billable service via Blackbaud Services but it would be very helpful if a base template could be provided as FaceBook integration is becoming more and more part of the ecosystem for Non-Profit organizations. 

  • Blake Alford
  • Apr 24 2018
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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