Improve BBIS RG Update Payment Details pages & process

A board member recently updated his payment details online after signing up for a BBIS account, and provided some feedback - "our update my payments stuff is a bit of hard work" .

The BBIS account sign up bit is not ideal, but it works.

However, the Recurring Gift "Update my payment details" part of BBIS is not a very good user experience. We've had to put explicit instructions onto the page so people understand that they need to click the + button to start editing the payment details on their RG...

After a couple of clicks you are then taken to another page, where you can add a new card or bank account. You're then taken off to another page where you have to enter more details (like email, phone, address) that we are very likely to already have on file.

All in all it's not very simple or intuitive. Is there anything we can do to make it better? 
  • David Bourne
  • Sep 17 2018
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    20 Sep, 2018 02:48pm

    Thanks for your idea submission!  We are considering a redesign of the transaction manager part and will be carefully watching the votes on this!

    Samantha McGuin
    Principal Product Manager