Constituent ID needs to be available in the event registration batch.

The batch associated with the BBIS event registration forms does NOT give the ability to surface the Lookup Ids for constituents once they've been linked.  There is no way in batch to get to the constituent record that the system has linked the registration (i.e., there is no "go to constituent" task).  The only way to manage this is to manually relink each of the records, and then there is no way to review the newly entered address and email information against what is in the system.  This has caused numerous issues with duplicate records, registrantions linked to the wrong "John Smith," etc.  It makes the process very labor intensive, especially since for non-linked constituents, the only way to get at things like the address and email address entered at registration are to click through the transaction details to find the key identifiers prior to a search.

This is also an issue when trying to link guests.  If it is not clear which constituent the event host information is linked to, then the processors do not have the constiteunt's record to point them towards guests with an existing relationship to the host. 

it would be use to have the Lookup ID and a go to constituent task added for BOTH the host and the guests in the event batch.

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  • Dec 19 2018
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