create access for an aggregate report for all emails sent via BBIS

Would like a way to get an aggregate report for all emails sent through BBIS for the current fiscal year.  This report would give data of volume of emails sent , open rates, bounce rates, click rates, unsubscribes/opt outs, etc.

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  • Jun 7 2019
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  • Melissa Mason commented
    24 Oct, 2019 04:26pm

    This would be great to report across all institution emails regardless of the starting point of BBDM (CRM) or BBIS.

  • Chris Kastner commented
    18 Jun, 2019 07:54pm

    There is a part type "Report (Email)" that can output onto a webpage, some summarised information for emails based on a report filter (of date, email type, and number of emails).  Whilst it's not the most elegantly designed report, it does provide a table at the bottom that sumarises counts, opens, bounces, and click-throughs.

    Assuming you send emails to constituents, you can also create reports using the constituent "community emails recieved" node to access email data from within CRM.