Allow for matching gift claims and donor challenge claims to be posted to the GL

Please allow for matching gift claims and donor challenge claims to be posted to the GL. This would resolve two issues we have: counting claims as receivables and point in time reporting on transaction changes. Though we are unique in booking these transactions are receivables, it would be more cohesive and coherent functionality for all revenue transactions to be configured to post to the GL, and clearly the infrastructure is already there. Secondly, it is incredibly difficult to track changes in claims as we do for other transactions, because the changes do not process as adjustments. This means the changes do not show up on any of the out of the box reports, and require a customization to track on our own reports and DW. Allowing institutions the flexibility to choose whether to post these or not (rather than summarily dismissing it) would allow for efficiency gains in reporting and GL management, while leveraging existing system functionality. Thank you for considering.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Farli commented
    April 23, 2019 23:28

    I will be good to have the ability to apply revenue category to a donor challenge claim as well to support this as revenue category  is often used to determine the GL distribution that should be associated with revenue records.