Allow Revenue Category to be populated on Matching Gift Claim, based on the related Payment.

When a payment is added in batch, users can specify to create a corresponding matching gift claim that inherits the properties of the payment, including revenue category.  When the matching gift claim is paid off, the subsequent payment also inherits the revenue category.  However, when a payment is created from the "Add a payment" form, there is no option to add a matching gift claim for the gift, and it has to be added manually from the payment record once the payment is saved.  When creating a one-off matching gift claim, there is no place to specify a revenue category, and it does not automatically default based on the original payment as it would if added in batch.  Then, when a payment is made to pay off the matching gift claim, that payment does not have the revenue category either.

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  • Jul 7 2015
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Deakin University
Reported Version 3.0
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  • Trit Mulligan commented
    26 Aug, 2015 12:56pm

    This item was originally considered for a 4.0 service pack.  It is now considered for version 5.0.