Improve logic to "...payment adjustment required" message when editing pledges

When we edit a pledge to add new installments or alter the installment balances on unpaid installments, we have to update the installment designation page and enter post to GL information. (full message below) Because this message appears any time we make a change to the pledge, we are uncertain whether or not a payment adjustment to a prior installment is resulting from the pledge adjustment we are making. In many cases, adjustments are not made on the payment but the message/prompt is thrown regardless. 

Suggestion: Please be smarter about when the prompts appear if you are just changing outstanding installments. A message about prior payment adjustments should not be displayed unless there is actually a change made. 

Full message: "If a payment adjustment is required, the adjustment post date you enter must be the same as the post date of one or more of the deposits containing payments for this pledge. If these dates are not the same, the adjusted payments from the deposit will be unlinked. Would you like to proceed with the new adjustment post date? Yes/No" 

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  • Sep 30 2015
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) University of Iowa Foundation
Reported Version 4.0
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