The source code is cleared out of the batch row if the lookup ID is changed.

In an Enhanced Revenue batch, if a gift is entered by using a Finder Number then the Lookup ID is changed (for example, if the donor tied to the Finder Number is deceased and the gift is from the surviving spouse) the Source Code field is cleared from the row.

The source can be manually re-entered, but the data entry document used for batch entry does not also contain the source codes. Other examples where this scenario could occur:
- Switching to the other spouse because the gift is to ƒ??theirƒ? area when both are alums (our name stacking lists the husband first, but the gift is from the wife).
- In athletics an individual may be the ticketholder, but their company is paying for everything, so weƒ??d need to post the payments to the company, but all the documentation is tied to the ticketholder.
- Parents paying for their kids per seat gift.
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  • Nov 9 2015
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