Lack of site security in certain areas - ie. drop downs

Federated and chapter organizations rely heavily on site security to conduct business. This allows multiple sites to operate within the same system, while creating barriers between sites, when and if needed through a security plan. While the entry into records can be site secured, there are many tools throughout the system (drop-down options, search lists and datalists) that cannot be site secured. This will allow the user to see the options, while in some instances (datalists or search lists, the user cannot go into it). This causes a LOT of confusion and extra work for the user (who may have to come in and out of a datalist or search list to find the correct constituent) only because the datalists and search lists are not site secured. This also causes a training issue as to why people can see records that cannot access, but then can't open them (and no there isn't a way to change it.) Drop-drowns are even worse. Now for drop-downs, when ONE user goes to add a designation in batch, or a site (on security tab of the constituent record), they should only have access to 1 site and perhaps 3 designations (in our plan) but in actuality, will have to scroll through 1300 sites (and approximately 33,000 designations) to find the one that is appropriate..... this is going to be VERY problematic in the coming years for us. If Blackbaud moves into discovery for this we would love to participate since this is impacting our business practices and can most likely be improved for us as well as other organizations.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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