Allow hyphenated IDs in BBIS HTML hyperlinks

When adding raw HTML to a BBIS page, a hyphenated ID in a hyperlink will display an application error (which displays technical words and no page content).

For example: <a id="hyphen-link" class="sample-class" href="target=&pid=1431">Hyphen Link</a> will cause an application error that reads 'hyphen-link is not a valid identifier.

However, hyphen-link can be used in the class with no error: <a class="hyphen-link" href="target=&pid=1431">Hyphen Link</a>

And underscored links can be used in the ID with no error: <a id="_underscore_link" class="sample-class" href="target=&pid=1431">Underscore Link</a>

The suggestion is to allow hyphenated identifiers in HTML hyperlinks. This was reported in case 12824973, in BBIS version

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  • Dec 23 2015
  • Will not implement
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