Allow users to select selections of batches for Credit Card Processing. (Automatic Credit Card Rejection Re-Processing)

Currently, users can configure the Credit Card Processing business process to either create a new batch or use a single, existing batch for credit card processing. 

For rejection handling, users must go into the CCP business process and manually select the batch they want to re-run. 

Allowing for the selection of a batch selection would allow users to create a query that would pull in rejection batches. They could then use a Queue that would re-run this business process for all batches that may have rejected credit cards in them. This would allow for the automation of rejection reprocessing.

This would help decrease staff time needed to manage rejections and allow for the retention of more revenue that may be lost from batches not being reprocessed.

  • Kurt Barnes
  • Apr 4 2016
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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