Allow users to right click and open links in new tab

* Added to "Prospect" category as that is where I primarily work, however, this is cross-functional and would likely be very useful for other areas (especially revenue)

Allowing users to open links in new tab/window would allow us to quickly dig into an item without losing the current place on the first screen (especially when linking from lists).  This would also allow users to open a tab for items to work on after current tasks. This will enable users to think through an entire portfolio (or other lists) without losing the ability to flag things quickly for further follow-up, or without having their initial task de-railed by taking care of the minor update mid-work stream. 

One example of how this would be incredibly useful -  When reviewing Prospects & Plans tab being able to open donor account in a new window would allow fundraiser to continue looking through entire portfolio without losing their place in the list.  Currently, when you click into a donor's account, the "back" button and the "recently Accessed" shortcut bring you to the top level of where you were - which is not helpful if you were 3 pages into reviewing the list.     


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  • Aug 26 2016
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  • Daniel Napolitano commented
    26 Aug 04:49pm

    Along these lines, ensuring that this includes similar launching of a new tab holding down CTRL when clicking on a link.

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