Help to identify BBEC environments, particularly in Query and when minimised.

BBEC developers and testers often have to work in more than one environment, e.g. Production as well as several development and test ones, to make comparisons. As Blackbaud uses the standard window colours for all environments we have not found a way to distinguish between them when minimised. It is also not obvious when moving between them - we have to look at the connection string in the bottom left corner. Changing the icons helps but only in the latter case, and furthermore, it is impossible to distinguish at all from Query window as even the connection string is not shown. This is particularly difficult when comparing results for the same query in two environments! Could we please have the following changes? 1. Always display the connection string in the Query window 2. Allow configuration of each environment to pick up different Window Styles, particularly colour schemes. We could then see production in the standard blue and other environments in Red, Green or any of the other Window colour schemes, whether minimised or maximised. Alternatively we could choose to configure Live as Red to concentrate the mind! Windows must have made these schemes available to the BB developers for use in, for example, an xml configuration file.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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