Export process to external server location

In BBCRM there is an ability to create a job schedule which automates running an export process. However, that is all it does and there is no option to specify an external location to download the data (i.e. ftp server).

Therefore the end-user is still required to manually login to CRM, navigate to the export process and download the export file to a local drive.

Conversely, Import processes have functionality available which does allow us to create a recurring schedule AND the ability to pick up this data from an external server. 

I think we can markedly improve system capability with automation of two-way data streaming by extending functionality to export processes, and not have this restricted to import processes. This will remove the needless handling of trivial tasks like data file shuffling. This is no proof of concept as we can already connect to remote servers via import processes, so it would be great to see this functionality in export processes as well.

  • Jess Johnson-Shapter
  • Jul 10 2017
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  • Mitchell Gibbs commented
    10 Aug, 2017 07:28pm

    Jess - Blackbaud has a customization (not sure if they charge for it) which provides the ability to do what you're requesting. It should be backed into the product though.