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Add an option to cancel a running Business Process Merged

We have on several occasions had marketing efforts or exports or saving static selections run for up to 13 hours before they finally fail. Once they start, there is no way to stop them and they tie up system resources for every other process that is running, impairing performance for all of our users. My only option is to contact your support team and ask them to terminate the process, which can also take a lot of time and wastes your resources as well as mine.


I would like to see an option under Administration > Business Processes > History tab where I could cancel an running process in the same way that I can cancel a query while I am running it. This would give us the ability to handle the problem as soon as it becomes apparent without wasting your resources.

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  • Jun 4 2018
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Reported Version 4.0
  • Stephanie Boyce commented
    8 Jun, 2018 01:43pm

    I agree, having this option would help. There are times where once you hit start, you then know there is a problem but nothing you can do to stop it, it would be great if there was a way for us to stop it!