Fix Appeal Performance Report

The calculations are doubling in parts of this report, number of gifts, etc.
It seems to be counting both pledges and payments to come up with some of the counts.
We have a customized solution of CRM through JFNA and the Jewish Federation Collective, so some
of the customizations could be throwing this report off as well.
Page 1 of report: Number of gifts is way off, this could be from counting both pledges and payments as revenue. It should only be counting pledges and cash donations, not payments as well.
Revenue by Designation and Page 2 of report: Number of gifts again is almost doubled, which is throwing off the average gift amount on this page.
Additional checkboxes for report:
Revenue by Mailing (page 3): It is picking up a (no mailing) group, which ends up being the people that paid for the pledge on another donor, but were never sent the mailing themselves, like a spouse, etc. This report should just pull it from the person where the pledge resides.
The charts are pulling from some of these calculations (like Average Gift), which is not correct, per above.
The appeal costs area is fine, since that just pulls from the total revenue, which seems correct.

  • Renee Klish
  • Sep 28 2018
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit
Reported Version 4.0
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