Allow constituents with posted revenue to be deleted after the revenue is moved to a different constituent

Per KB 96087, if the revenue associated with a constituent was posted, then the revenue was changed to a different constituent, the original constituent still cannot be deleted due to the error, "This constituent has associated revenue and therefore cannot be deleted". My organization has a few duplicate constituents that were added as new constituents accidentally, instead of being matched to the existing constituent records, and we are unable to delete them due to the aforementioned issue. We think that changing the constituent on a posted revenue record should also update the financialtransactionlineitem tables so that these duplicate constituents can be deleted or merged.

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  • Dec 18 2018
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Concordia University
Reported Version 4.0
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  • Joel Bingham commented
    23 Jan, 2019 03:10pm

    Many of these are records that were created in error, and immediately moved to the correct record. We have no need, or desire, to keep these shell records in the database!