Global changes needed for Volunteer area

We would need the following global changes to manage volunteer data, this is due to GDPR. 

 - Inactivate volunteers in bulk - when volunteer has not been active for a certain time we need to end the volunteer constituency and volunteertypes in bulk - at the moment we are ending 600 volunteers manually adding an end date to the constituency and to the volunteertypes, that a volunteer can have 5-6 different types active. This is a really time consuming task and we need to perform this on a bi-annual timeschedule

- Add and Change volunteer type in bulk - as the volunteer work changes we have to move volunteers from one volunteertype to another. This is again a manual taskfirst adding an end date to the existing volunteertype and then adding manually a new volunteer type. This concerns thousends of records at the moment for us

- Add Locations in bulk - we have local volunteer groups and we would need to be able to assign Locations in bulk, to manage the local groups. At the moment this is a manual task, and again this is concerning thousands of record

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  • Apr 11 2019
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Plan International Finland
Reported Version 4.0
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