Add functionality to the Right To Be Forgotten global change that prevents future audit table entries for the constituent

My organization would like the Right to be forgotten global change to not only delete audit table entries for a constituent, but also prevent future audit table entries for that constituent. Below is the suggested workflow for the Right to be forgotten global change. But the problem we have is that after the constituent is deleted, that delete is recorded in the CONSTITUENTAUDIT table with a 'Before delete' audit type. That means that the constituent still exists in an audit table after being processed by the global change and then removed from the database. We think that having the Right to be forgotten global change prevent this 'Before delete' audit entry would make the process much more user friendly and would prevent the need to manually delete contact information before running the global change.


Example of a suggested Right to be forgotten workflow:

  1. Recording some sort of “dead-list” that would be external to CRM in order to prevent re-entry or processing of a constituent where RTBF had been previously undertaken.
  2. Deleting or modify all identifying personal data from the constituent record, including contact information
  3. Clearing audit tables for the specific constituent (via the RTBF Global Change)
  4. Choosing to delete the constituent entirely or retain without the identifying personal data and a key for the dead-list reference.
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  • May 23 2019
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) University of Connecticut Foundation
Reported Version 4.0
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