Make pagination more user friendly

We are testing the 2.94 upgrade and are finding the way you have pagination working is not very user friendly and is costing a lot of time. For example, in query results users are unable to sort their entire results list by clicking on the column headers(like they use to be able to). If they click on the column header, only what is on that specific page will sort. And, you can only see 4 pages. You should allow users to go to ANY page. Let's say in your list you're looking for someone with a last name that begins with "M". Where does that person fall within the 'pages'? Well if your data list is quite long there could be several pages. But you only give them access to the first 4. How is a user supposed to find which page the "M" record is on? They can't. They have to click on page 4 (the highest one they can) and then one at a time keep opening 5...nope not 6....nope not 7....each page = very time consuming. Please present the user with ALL pages. And, can you make it so when they sort on a column header ALL the record sort not just the ones on that particular page? I get why you added pagination, but the method by which a user reviews and the amount of time it takes to review a list of records has been negatively affected.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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