Surface attributes that use the constituent search on the constituent record

When creating an attribute it may be set up so that you can search for a constituent to connect to that attribute. But the attribute does not show up on the constituents record. For instance we have an attribute on event records that adds the constituent record of who is being honored, but that attribute is not visible from that constituents record, we have to add another attribute on the constituents record to indicate that they were an honoree.

  • Christy Wilson
  • Mar 21 2020
  • Will not implement
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) City of Hope
Reported Version 4.0
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  • Admin
    Nicola Cameron commented
    23 Mar 11:45am

    Attributes are not intended to work bidirectionally in the way that relationships do. These attributes are of different record types and therefore cannot reflect on each other. This may be achievable using a customization, and we will not modify current functionality.