We found a way to identify the user running reports within CRM like the Constituent Profile report - thought it may be helpful to others

I couldn't find anything in the KB on how to do this. Here is the SQL we created to identify users running a specific report - ran against our DMS database server:

USE ReportServer

SELECT el2.ReportPath


,c.DISPLAYNAME , count(*) as Total

FROM ExecutionLog2 el2

JOIN dms.dbo.APPUSER c on SUBSTRING(CAST(el2.Parameters as VARCHAR(MAX)), CHARINDEX('CURRENTAPPUSERID=',CAST(el2.Parameters as VARCHAR(MAX)))+17, 36) = cast(c.id as NVARCHAR(36))

WHERE el2.ReportPath LIKE '%Constituent Profile Report'

group by el2.ReportPath, CAST(TimeStart as DATE), c.DISPLAYNAME

order by DATERAN DESC, Total

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  • Jun 3 2020
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) ALSAC / ST JUDE
Reported Version 4.0
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    Nicola Cameron commented
    4 Jun 09:46am

    This is some great information, Laura, thank-you! I've sent you an email asking if you could repost this in our Discussion Forum so that we can distinguish between Product improvements and helpful hints and tips. Thanks for your contribution to the Blackbaud Community!