Add a new Address field for attention to information

We deal with a lot of organizations, trusts, and matching gifts. These all require the entering of a Attention to person. Currently the only option we have is to enter the attention to information on the top line of the address. We would like there to be a separate field on the address block for this information. Also per the USPS mailing guidelines the attention to line is supposed to follow the address line 1. If we do that it will mess up NCOA

  • Tony Forrest
  • Oct 29 2020
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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Reported Version 4.0
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  • Tony Forrest commented
    30 Oct 02:14pm


    That was our first thought, but you cannot associate a contact with an individual address record. What can end up happening is there are multiple "Attention to" departments in an organization, so it makes it very difficult to establish which one to choose.

  • Admin
    Nicola Cameron commented
    30 Oct 11:45am

    Hi Tony, Is there a particular reason you are unable to utilise a Contact relationship and configure your mailing to include a specific Addressee/Salutation to achieve this?