Add the ability to restrict access to certain Batch Templates with in the Batch Type that a user has access to

The ability exists to restrict access to different Batch Types, however there is no ability to only allow access to certain Batch Templates within the overall access to the Batch Type. This would allow admin to create roles that would allow an application user to only access certain Batch Templates in CRM
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  • Jun 29 2015
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    Nicola Cameron commented
    3 Oct, 2019 09:57am

    Assign Batch Type Permissions to a System Role

    You can specify whether a system role has administrative privileges for specific batch types. When you grant administrative permissions to a system role for a batch type, you specify that users in that role can create templates and perform all other functions associated with that batch type, including reviewing and validating submitted batches, approving batches, and committing approved batches to the database.

    As with other types of permissions in the program, batch administrative permissions are intertwined with feature permissions. Even when a role is granted administrative privileges to a type of batch on the Batch Types tab, in order for users to actually do anything with those privileges, the role must be granted access to the appropriate features under the Batch node on the Assign Feature Permissions screen. For example, even with administrative rights granted for a batch type, a role must be granted access to the Batch Template Add form in order to create new batch templates of that type.

    Security granted on the Batch Types tab gives users of a role rights to do anything with any batch template of that type, and any batch instances built from any of these templates (with the appropriate feature permissions).

    Please contact the support team if you need further assistance.

  • Lee Arnason commented
    1 Oct, 2019 12:52pm

    Can you share how?  We've not found a way to restrict a particular, single batch template so that the user cannot see other batch templates of that same type. 

  • Admin
    Nicola Cameron commented
    1 Oct, 2019 09:21am

    Permissions to Batch templates can be set by System Role and by Site.

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