Allow organizations to have multiple aliases of different types even if the text is identical.

At times it becomes necessary to record multiple aliases for an organization, where the text for the different alias types may be identical. For example a corporation/university has several departments/colleges that would like to include XYZ Organization in a publication. All of the departments/colleges share the same CRM database, XYZ Organization is a constituent in the database, and each department/college would like to display the company’s name in a specific way in their individual publication. /----------/ College A: Alias Type -- A1, Alias Value -- “XYZ Organization, Inc.” College B: Alias Type – B2, Alias Value -- “XYZ Organization, Inc.” College C: Alias Type – C3, Alias Value -- “XYZ, Inc.” When attempting to save the alias College B would like to use for the organization, users will receive an error message because the value is not unique /----------/ There needs to be a straightforward way to pull the alias that is specific to each individual department/college. With individual constituent records, users have the ability to specify the name format option they would like to use. Name format options do not apply to organizations. Therefore users need the ability to accomplish this task with different alias types.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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