BBDM Email Issues with Hyperlinks

a) Only URL and Special Page options when creating/editing a hyperlink – whereas formerly you were also able to search for BBIS pages, search for BBIS documents, and create a range of other types of links. b) You cannot create a mailto: email hyperlink using the add hyperlink option. c) There is no button to remove hyperlinks once created. d) There is no option to open a link in a new window. e) There is now unusual behaviour when attempting to edit a Special Page hyperlink – e.g. the special page link reverts back to a simply URL link with an invalid URL.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Karen Lee commented
    19 Oct, 2017 03:19am

    Workaround is the expectation that all our users using the email content editor needs to have coding/html knowledge.

  • Karen Lee commented
    19 Oct, 2017 03:17am

    Also linked to Case 13232690 which highlights more on the mailto limitation:

    We are not able to hyperlink a text (Eg. Click here to RSVP) or hyperlink an image within the Blackbaud CRM email content editor.

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