Insert Merge Fields Within Hyperlinks In BBIS Emails

I would like to append merge fields to a hyperlink within a BBIS email in order to pre-populate values on a web form. For example, an email may contain a link to an online form and I would like to append the recipient's name and address details as parameters in the URL in order to auto-populate the form.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Elizabeth Churchward commented
    10 Jun 01:05am


  • Linda Munoz commented
    29 May 01:47am

    Yep! Convenience is helpful particularly when typing is challenging.

  • Jacquie Scott commented
    23 May 12:48am

    Making our supporters experience easier and more streamlined... absolutely necessary!

  • Guest commented
    9 Oct, 2019 12:41pm

    No, this does NOT work, I've tried it. 

    1. As soon as you go back into view mode, the html editor mungs up the code.
    2. Even if you find a way to edit the HTML code directly WITHOUT using the BBIS editor (I have a customization that allows me to do this), when you go to send the email it will tell you that the "Server tag is not valid" - because the HTML can't be parsed.

    Adding some non-image merge tag functionality would be very nice.  

  • Greg Harmelink commented
    27 Mar, 2019 06:21pm

    For the record, it doesn't appear that this workaround currently works as of 4.0 SP19. The brackets around the img tag get encoded and therefor it doesn't get treated like a merge tag.

  • Nancy Franklin commented
    9 Jan, 2017 09:59pm

    This has been requested again in a new Support case. The BBIS administrator would like to use the LookupID as a URL parameter. It is possible to add the Merge Field value to a URL by carefully editing the HTML code:

    Note that this does not work for image tags.

    1) Using the graphic editor, paste the beginning of your URL (everything before the parameter).

    2) Add your merge field directly after this, with no spaces. Paste the remainder of your URL after this, with no spaces.

    3) Click the View tab, then the Code tab.

    4) Locate the HTML for your merge field. Note that it begins as an img tag, preventing hard-coding as an image or aliased link.

    5) Send this email to yourself (Test Emails will not get the constituent information into the Merge Field). Note that the merge field now appears correctly in the URL parameter, and the full URL is displayed correctly. Most email clients will turn this URL into a clickable URL. It just won't be a user-friendly alias or picture.

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