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I ran the Global update process to add a Constituent Classification code to a selection of donors; my comments reflect that attribute, BUT this ‘idea’ should apply to all Global Changes, not just the Constituent Classification First issue: the process should allow for the selection / addition of a Start and / or End date, and does not Second, larger issue: the process did not run correctly. Instead of adding the new Const Classification code, and ending any open Const Classification codes, the process did the following: • Added the code to records where no prior Const Classification code existed (correct) • Over-wrote existing Const Classification codes with JUST the Description of the new Const Classification code (so, overwrote ‘Major Donor’ with ‘Foundations Solicited’). This happened to BOTH active (Const Classification had just a start date) -and- inactive (Const Classification code had both start and end date). The process should have EITHER: • Ended the active code and added the new one • Added the new code, and left the existing, ended code alone. As most of the records affected already had an ended Const Classification code on them, the net result was that the existing ended Const Classification code(s) were over-written w/ the description of the one I wanted to add. For example: • Donor had: Major Donor 5/1/2009 – 7/15/2010 • Process ran; donor now has: Foundation Solicited 5/1/2009 – 7/15/2010 In addition, if more than one prior Const Classification code existed, BOTH were overwritten: For example: Donor had • Major Donor 5/1/2001 – 7/15/2005 • Primary Special Gifts 7/15/2005 – Process ran; donor now has: • Foundations Solicited 5/1/2001 – 7/15/2005 • Foundations Solicited 7/15/2005 – The corrected process should: • Require a start date if new Const Classification being added • Allow me to add an end date to a selection of existing Const Classification codes • Allow me to add a new Const Classification code (w/ start date) and end an existing, open Const Classification, (if exists) to a selection • Allow me to add a new Const Classification code to a selection of donors w/o affecting any prior, closed Const Classification codes. If adding a new Const Classification to a donor (selection) who has an existing, open Const Classification: • End the existing (no end date) Const Classification code, using the start date on the global change screen • Add the new Const Classification w/ start date It should be clear, when setting up the process to run, if I am: • Overwriting the existing Constituent Classification code w/ an new one, and leaving the dates unchanged (as it works now when ‘overwrite existing value is checked). • Updating the existing Const Classification code – ie: adding an end date to an existing code • Adding a new code / start date (and, if exists, ending existing code) Additionally, when the “overwrite existing value” box is not marked and an attribute already exists on a constituent record, a second instance is not added. This was submitted to Product Development for a fix.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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