Make the Deposit Screens More User Friendly

The deposit screens aren't very user-friendly and a bit difficult to navigate compared to other screens in the system. Some relatively simple modifications that could improve usability: * Make Bank Account a drop down instead of a search field or have a configuration option to make it defaultable. * Default the deposit and post dates to the current date * Add a "Update Projected Totals" command like in Batch Entry * Add additional options in the link screen (especially Revenue Lookup ID) * Default the date to Today in the link screen and apply that filter when opening * Add a "Go To Revenue" option for the payments in the data list * Add some basic Windows confirmation dialogs for the Save / Cancel buttons - if you close the Window but have payments linked, ask "Are you sure?", or if you click Save but don't have any payments linked because you applied a filter but forgot to click the link button.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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