Improve Event Invitation, Registration, Declined and multiple Invite functionalities

There are multiple limitations and contradictory behaviours around event invitations.

- Event attendee with guest has the incorrect status of declined - If the guest has declined, and then later changed their mind and registered then the "Declined" status still factors in the Event page and query.

- When a Registrant to an event Declined after sending a second invitation for a single event, the first invitation does not show a Declined status.

- A Declined Event Registrant is changed to No reply by additional invitation.

- Invitee Counts are incorrect in Constituent Query - The event queries are not designed to handle the situation where the constituent is invited multiple times. Sometimes the rows are double-counted. The work around is to use the Event Summary Query, but this is not the appropriate query in many occasions - e.g., to set up an invitation you must use a Constituent Query. 

- If you wish to use multiple invitations in the same event, but exclude Constituents that have already been invited and have declined this is not possible. This is a common scenario for sending reminders. 

  • Christina Smith
  • Dec 8 2015
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Blackbaud Pacific
Reported Version 4.0
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