Add additioanl supported data connections for OData.

It would be helpful if Blackbaud could support additional data connections that utilized a modern method of service. It would also be helpful if Blackbaud would support OData links via SSIS. 

OData services generally expose a standard set of API calls that a data consumer can use in order to access the data exposed through the service. It is clear in the BBCRM documentation that advanced sorting and filtering methods are not available. What I suspect is the issue using the BBCRM OData connections with tools other than Excel is that modern tools utilize the metadata query functions of an OData server in order to ask it what methods it’s supports.

Whereas Excel only supports the “GetAll” method of a service, most other tools will ask the service itself what methods are available so that it can adjust. I think what is happening is that the tools are trying to hit the URL for the metadata endpoint, and since it does not exist we encounter an 401 Unauthorized error. 



  • Blake Alford
  • Jun 30 2017
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) American Heart Association National Center
Reported Version 4.0
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