Implement automatic trimming of large WealthPoint tables in BBCRM

We subscribe to WealthPoint screenings in our on-premise BBCRM database. The mechanism downloads a lot of data from Blackbaud and stores it into our database, most in tables starting with "WP". One table, WPPHILANTHROPICGIFT, is currently over 60 GB in size and all of the "WP*" tables use 35% of the space in the entire database. In the past we have gotten a SQL script from Blackbaud to "trim" the tables down. We are reluctant to have to keep getting such a script blessed by Blackbaud every time we want to trim down the database and feel a "WealthPoint trim" feature should be a standard offering of BBCRM. It's my assumption that the low-confidence data, such as the bloated gift table above, isn't needed after the screening has happened and the wealth ratings information been updated on the various constituents. We are stuck with carrying around all this excess weight until the next screening (which we do maybe twice a year at most).

  • Jeff Bauer
  • Nov 6 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Florida State University Foundation
Reported Version 4.0
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