Tracking security roles / user history

Currently, we track the roles a user has and associated details like them having signed a confidentiality agreement, start and end dates etc in an Excel spread sheet. I would like to track everything within CRM - maybe a grid that allowed you to see all the users with associated roles and documentation (I suppose we could probably create a datalist but something out of the box would be good). So if there was a grid by user that showed all the associated roles. Along with this idea, I would especially like to have a bit of history on the user roles. Employees often leave our department and end up coming back which means we remove all their roles and then later add the roles back. If there was a way to inactivate the user and keep the history of previous roles that would be so much better (adding this piece to the 'Users' tab in the security roles would allow you to see at a glance if an account was inactive).
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  • Jun 29 2015
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