Resolve problem caused by Last Name being a required field in the Constituent Update Batch

I would like to see a modification to the Constituent Update Batch: Currently, if you want to import data from an external source system and update records in BCRM you have to provide the BCRM ID or an Alt Lookup ID and the Last Name. This creates a problem for customers who do not hold the last name in the external source system. If a blank field in the source file is mapped to to the CRM Last Name field, the Last Name in CRM is replaced with blank values. Possible solutions: - Make Last Name an optional, not a required, field. - Introduce a configuration option for this required field that allows the user to specify do not overwrite an existing value in CRM with a blank value in a batch file.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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    24 Aug, 2015 09:22pm

    Or, how about a procedure to update your batch with the constituents current last name? That way if your batch sits around for a while, you aren't in danger of changing your constituent's name to a previous value.

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    22 Jul, 2015 04:43pm

    We have had major problems with having the Last Name required in Constituent batch. We had one instance where a high level prospect/donor had his last name updated inadvertently (incorrectly) as a result of this and called our office to complain. We need a way to stop the last name from automatically updating the constituent record, if it is different.  Constituent batches with non-critical information are often loaded and queued for processing and may sit for a period of time before they are processed. 

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