Converting individual to an organization

I would like to be able to convert an organization to an individual when the constituent was entered incorrectly.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Phil Higgs commented
    30 Aug, 2022 11:16pm

    Dear all. Plan Australia have had a feature to convert Constituent types for many years now. It works on a individual records via record operations. We manage the records through datalists. Please email me if you would like the feature and I can send a link to a shared drive. No charge.

  • Rick Root commented
    30 Aug, 2022 05:43pm

    Disappointing. 539 votes isn't enough, I guess.

  • Admin
    Daisy Alarcon commented
    30 Aug, 2022 05:00pm

    Unfortunately, this idea is not Planned for an upcoming release. We are setting the status back to Open until we can say with absolute certainty that it will be planned and released. We sincerely appreciate your understanding in advance. Thank you.

  • Joseph Styons commented
    3 May, 2022 01:43pm

    One solution to this is for sale as a customization here. You can see it in action in this video. Disclaimer: I am the author of this particular product.

  • Rosemary Mayers commented
    5 Mar, 2021 06:47pm

    Our coders figure this out for us if you need help BB-CRM

  • Robin Wendell commented
    30 Sep, 2020 04:00pm

    and vice versa in Interchange please.

  • Rick Root commented
    21 Oct, 2019 01:32pm

    I have a script that does this but it absolutely should be something that Blackbaud implmements.  Glad to see this is going to be adopted into the product.

  • Aura Guir commented
    18 Oct, 2019 02:10pm

    This is something Boston Children's hospital has been in need of since conversion day! we work with Luminate online which does not handle org records very well, org records sync as individual ones and we can't convert them we have to manually create an org record. Not only is this time consuming but also add lots of trashy records to the system, that then the sync remembers and puts revenue into those inactive records causing financial reporting issues.. We definitely are in desperate need of a fix for both ways.

  • janine robinson commented
    17 Oct, 2019 08:02pm

    vice versa and we need this asap

  • Stephanie Boyce commented
    25 Jul, 2019 03:23pm

    This becomes very important post conversions when you realize you have a few issues, we have a need for this!

  • Sarah White commented
    23 Jan, 2019 04:36pm

    Vice Versa here too

  • Erika Layfield commented
    18 Jan, 2019 06:31pm

    Yes! Still an issue. 

  • Jessie Rader commented
    18 Jan, 2019 05:54pm

    Zuri Group has it for free too. I haven't used it, however.

  • Phil Higgs commented
    5 Sep, 2018 08:50am

    We at Plan International Australia have developed this customization which we are happy to share ("as is") with others  Please reach out to for more info

  • Chris Whisenhunt commented
    18 Jun, 2018 03:51pm

    This could be done as a pretty simple customization. 

  • Stephanie Boyce commented
    8 Jun, 2018 01:49pm

    I agree on the vice-versa comment. Sadly sometimes this happens, a company goes online and makes a gift and it becomes an individual record when it should be an organization, or just human error. We had this in our old database and I know the ability is there to do this in many other databases, this would be very helpful. 

  • Gregory Dellas commented
    21 Feb, 2018 11:00pm

    Hi @Reza,   Please have a look at the information from Plan International Australia, a little while ago.  They have built a customization that handles this, along with some business processes that achieve the conversion

  • Reza Islam commented
    21 Feb, 2018 08:38pm

    If you look at his idea in the old portal, you'll see this was first raised as an Idea on May 2013:

    I've tried changing the type from Org (1) to Ind (0) by updating CONSTITUENT.ISORGANIZATION field from 1 to 0 and get the following error, any advice from those successfully updated via SQL would be greatly appreciated: 

    Msg 50000, Level 13, State 1, Procedure TR_CONSTITUENT_UPDATE_ISORGANIZATION, Line 20 [Batch Start Line 29]

    Constituents with organization data cannot be set as individuals.

    Thanks :-)

  • Rick Root commented
    14 Feb, 2018 02:36pm

    we've also done this manually by directly updating the CONSTITUENT.ISORGANIZATION directly.  I agree, there should be an OOB way to do this.


    I'm not holding out hope for a 2.5 year old idea with votes from basically every customer.

  • Raman Katyal commented
    29 Jan, 2018 04:34am

    We at Plan International Australia have developed this customization which we are happy to share ("as is") with others for a set amount / donation towards our organization.

    Attached installation guide will give you an idea about how this customization works - for any further queries please reach out to me at

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