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Make the decease confirmation reason list editable/a code table Merged

Right now you have choices of Unconfirmed, Relative Verified, Death Certificate as the 3 possible decease confirmation options. Honestly has anyone actually gotten a copy of a death certificate? So really there are just 2 usful options. This should be linked to a code table that is customizable.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Liz Hackett commented
    22 Jan, 2019 11:41pm

    Mostly it is Relative Verified or a RTS with a message on the envelope, 'death certificate' is really not useful

  • Janine Kyanko commented
    22 Jan, 2019 07:01pm

    We just had this question come up again yesterday - very confusing for users. Agree that if we can't edit it, we need to be able to hide it at the very least.

  • Lucy Jones commented
    15 Dec, 2016 05:36am

    Yes, agreed. It should be either editable or at the very least hideable. Or even hard coded values of only "Confirmed" and "Unconfirmed".

    We are often notified of death by a bank, a lawyer or an obituary, so we are including all options (inc. "Unconfirmed") in the Source code table and disregarding Confirmation. In not being able to hide this field it causes confusion to users.

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