Add an option to allow users to copy instances of Custom Framework parts

When developing customisations for BBIS, it would be ideal if the developer and/or administrator of the site, could determine if a part can be copied or not.  Currently the platform does not allow for copying of Custom Framework parts, and there's no way around this.  This option exists on the vast majority of parts in the system (including Custom Content parts), and the lack of this option on Custom Framework parts limits the usability by end-users.

A simple checkbox on the part editor screen in the BBIS Administration > Custom Parts area would be ideal.

This way if there are parts that cannot be copied due to security reasons, then that can be determined for each part type in the system.

(If work is being done in this area, then the Requires SSL checkbox can be removed also - this is no longer necessary as all BBIS pages are now served up via HTTPS).

  • Chris Kastner
  • Jul 31 2018
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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