Allow permanent default field display text to be set for part types

On the Language tab of many parts in BBIS, users can make changes to text constituents see when visiting a page. My organization would like to make permanent changes to the default text on some part types so that we aren't having to remember to manually set this every time.

For example, we regularly create capacity-enforced Events with an Event Registration Form for people to register for that event and we almost always end up changing the default text from Sold Out to something instructing would-be registrants who to contact to get on a waiting list for the event.

It would be tremendous to be able to set that as the default text for the Sold Out field.

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  • May 20 2020
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  • Chris Kastner commented
    11 Aug, 2020 07:03am

    If you want defaults to be configured for these - one thing I recommend usually is to create "stencil" parts for the various types of things you need. Then when you want to create a new part for an event or a donation page, you instead create a copy from that 'stencil' which will inherit all of the settings, email templates, and language configurations you had.