Allow revenue to be attached to a campaign even when the campaign is created after the revnue transaction is entered

Currently the system requires the campaign record to be created before a revenue record can be associated. Because designations are the :plumbng: that associates the revenue transaction by dates, we believe the campaign should find revenue even if the revenue is entered before the campaign is created. I enter a gift into BCRM, it is attached to an appeal and a designation. But there is no campaign set up for that year yet. I go ahead and save my revenue transaction(s). Then I go create my campaign(s) for the new year. Because the campaign didn’t exist in BCRM when the revenue record was saved, my new campaign won’t associate the revenue record(s). I believe this is a gap in functionality. What I would have expected is that once the new campaign is added and the designation is added to the campaign, and the revenue date falls within the campaign date range, the revenue would be associated.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Al Nausedas commented
    18 Jan, 2019 05:04pm
    This should not be automated, but a global change function should exist to allow an administrator to implement appropriate tags to a selection. It must not auto-tag independently, since exceptions would be at risk of inclusion.
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