"or is blank" no longer an option in query

It has been identified the 'Or is blank' option has been removed from yes/no filters in Query. The example given is within Revenue attributes; "Gift Registry banking form". Selecting the value for the filter, the only filter which can be chosen here is "is equal to"; without the option for "or is blank" it is not possible to filter for items that are not equal to "yes". This is a problem for attributes which are sometimes blank. I believe this option was previously available within v2.1 and was removed in v2.5. It doesn't appear in 2.7; are there any plans to bring it back?
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Jun 7, 2019

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    By virtue of any attribute with type Yes/No being Boolean in nature, it cannot be added without a value. Query filtering follows this logic, and therefore does not utilize an "is blank" function.

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