Please provide a way to flag opportunities as complete so they no longer appear when adding payments

As a Prospect Researcher I need to be able to determine which opportunities have been fulfilled or not. Currently Opportunity records have a status of Unqualified, Response Pending, Rejected, Canceled, Qualified, Accepted. Once a payment has been applied to an opportunity (even for the entire amount) there is no way to mark it as fulfilled or paid off.

This makes it so that the data entry person still sees the fulfilled opportunity in the opportunity drop-down when entering a donation and this is confusing for the end user.

I want a way to track opportunities that are fulfilled so that I can report on their progress and make it so that that they do not appear in the opportunity drop-down for end users.

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  • Jul 16 2015
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Save the Children Federation, Inc.
Reported Version 4.0
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  • Mandy Heath commented
    3 Aug, 2015 11:09pm

    I would also like to advocate for update the Opportunity "Status" to align more with the Cultivation/Solicitation cycles of a prospect and a development officer closing a gift so it can be easily tracked/reported on in CRM. The status of an opportunity should tie to the cycle of a solicitation and the current status options do not entirely fit within that cycle. I also agree that there needs to be a way to identify an opportunity as fulfilled after the gift has been received so that it doesn't confuse the end-user and still show up on the opportunity drop down. This area is a very important piece of a prospect researcher's role within the prospect management area and tracking this in our donor database is critical to ensure accurate reporting and inputting of information so that it makes sense for all users.

  • Chris Racette commented
    17 Jul, 2015 01:23pm

    Gap in core product functionality.  It is normal and desired to have multiple opportunities/donor particularly year over year, but will quickly become an issue with processing gifts.