Opportunity in Enhanced Revenue Batch

The Opportunity functionality in Enhanced Revenue Batch is a step backwards from V2.7. “Linking gifts to Opportunities is important for reporting on progress of fundraisers’ efforts and ensuring that we don’t continue to press donors for gifts which have already been received. The Gift Registry Assistants are processing a high volume of data every day and requiring them to search manually for opportunities for each gift would add considerably to the processing time. There is also a risk that with no automatic flagging of opportunities the link may not be made, leading to the loss of an important part of the overall picture of fundraising painted by the information in DARS.” Also below are their original findings as to why it is a problem and a step backwards. Our new University Director of Development will be very frustrated if we find we stop linking a number of gifts to their fundraiser opportunities by accident - as this impacts many of her (and colleges’) management reports. So we need some way of ensuring that doesn’t happen. Many thanks, Dan
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  • Jun 29 2015
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