add ability to drag and drop fields to arrange column order in export definitions

When you are working in an export definition with many output fields, it it takes a lot of time to arrange fields in the column order tab by selecting the up and down arrows. The ability to drag and drop would be a real time saver
  • Erika Layfield
  • Nov 9 2015
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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  • Erika Layfield commented
    20 May 13:51

    This is still needed.  Export definitions remain a very powerful area for power users within BBCRM and there are some small improvements, like this one, that would make a huge difference for those users!  Also, please add more fields here (several powerful node that are available in query, are not available here limiting the utitlity of this area a great deal)!  

  • Kim Brown commented
    28 May 15:14

    This is HUGE! We need this ability to control the location of fields in the export without clicking a million times to get an added field to the top of the list.

  • Randi Cox commented
    02 Jul 19:10

    This would be a tremendous time-saver!