Change the Tokenizer so it handles mixed files

The new Tokenizer built in to BBCRM can't handle files with both credit card rows and other rows.  The old desktop app handled these reasonably well, as it had an option to only tokenise rows where a particular field (in our case 'Payment Method') was set to 'Credit Card'.  Any other rows were simply included in the tokenised file without change.  This meant that we could allow our external vendors to return files which had mixed payment methods (or no payment method, e.g., results of telemarketing calls where the answer was 'No' or 'Uncontactable').  If we were to use the new Tokenizer we would have to have the vendors split all these files by payment method and hence complicate their systems and our file handling, meaning much more work all round.

Please add this feature in to the inbuilt Tokenizer.  The desktop app (possibly a BB Pacific app) has a tickbox 'Only Tokenize These Records' with two fields below it:

Where the Field: (dropdown box of fields)

Equals: (text field)


At the moment, if a file contains rows which don't have credit card data, even all the rows which do contain credit card data are rejected by the new Tokenizer with the misleading error message "Credit card holder is required if any other credit card fields are set".


It would also be handy if the new Tokenizer returned files named something more meaningful than 'Errors.csv' and 'Results.csv' or a file with a GUID name e.g., 06536401-f4c6-43a3-8379-f497bb77059c.FILE.csv.  The desktop app augments the input file name with '_tokenized.csv' and '_exceptions.csv', which means that in a folder full of files it is easy to see which source file these relate to.

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  • Oct 5 2017
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Reported Version 4.0
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