Create a task to Add an ad-hoc query in the Analysis functional area to bypass having to go into the Information Library first

The Information Library is slow to load. Often a new query needs to be created, and it would be faster to be able to directly select the "Add an ad-hoc query" task from the Analysis functional area or from the home page.

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  • Apr 4 2018
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Reported Version 4.0
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    19 Mar, 2019 08:25pm

    I totally feel your pain, but this is something you can do yourself with no need for SDK or anything. Here's how you do it:

    1) Go to Administration > Application > Shell Design > Tasks tab

    2) Click ADD

    3) Give it the following settings:

    NAME: (whatever you want the label to be)

    DESCRIPTION: (whatever you want the text to be in the pop-up when you hover over it)

    IMAGE: RES:NewItem (or whatever icon you want, or nothing)

    FUNCTIONALAREA: Analysis (or wherever you want this to show up)

    TASK GROUP: Information library (this will put it in the group at the top left, or put it somewhere else if you like)

    SEQUENCE: 2 (if you want it right under the Information library icon, or you can put it somewhere else(

    HELPKEY: DATAQueryCreatingAdHoc.html (not sure how useful this is; I copied it from elsewhere)

    DISPLAYASACTION: False (not sure about this, but it's working for me)

    VISIBLE: True (duh)

    ACTIONTYPE: ExecuteCLRAction

    SCRIPTIDENTIFIERURL: browser/htmlforms/platform/query/AdHocQueryNewAction.js

    SCRIPTIDENTIFIEROBJECTNAME: BBUI.customactions.platform.query.AdHocQueryNewAction


    POSTACTIONTPE: GoToSpecificPage

    PAGE: Ad-hoc Query Results


    It's working for me, and I love it!!!