Add the option to Copy a query in Marketing and Communications Selections

Currently if you add a new ad-hoc query in M&C you cannot copy it, make a minor change to it and save it under another name. You can only edit it. If you open the M&C query from the Analysis area, you can copy and rename it, but it must be saved as a "Static" selection for it to appear under any M&C selection search lists. If you save it as a "Dynamic" selection it will not appear in any selection search lists under M&C. That being said, as it is now, you must create EVERY ad-hoc query from scratch under M&C or create them there and then copy, change and rename them in Analysis as "Static" selections, which would almost never be used in a Marketing Effort. Truly, I wish all ad-hoc queries were stored in ONE place so that they could be created, copied or accessed from ANY location in CRM.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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