Add ability to reorder and delete enqueue processes

When processes are enqueued, they are processed in the order in which they were added to enqueue area. Occasionally, a higher priority process needs to "jump ahead" in the line and be processed right away. We would like the ability to re-order or even delete processes that have been enqueued. (Similar to how printer queues are managed) 


This came up recently when testing the Marketing Effort segment calculation processes.  Some of our Mkt efforts are quite large and can take some time to calculate.  If an email needs to be sent out right away, we need the ability to move that segment calculation process to the top of the list so it can be sent without having to wait for any of the processes enqueued before it to finish. 

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  • Mar 7 2019
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) University of Michigan
Reported Version 4.0
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