Add a label/envelope button to Marketing Acknowledgements

When running a Marketing Acknowledgement process, you can merge into a Word document for the letter, but we also want a button to be able to merge into a Word document of labels or envelopes. This is available in the standard Acknowledgement process and this same functionality should be available in the Marketing Acknowledgement process also.

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  • Mar 8 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Reported Version 4.0
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  • Admin
    Pat Conley commented
    12 Mar, 2019 02:22pm

    A posting does not register as a vote, only clicking the vote button does that. But we do review these comments so it counts in that respect. 

  • Marina Milgram commented
    11 Mar, 2019 03:32pm

    We would certainly like to vote for it, as it would be very helpful. A label button exists in Acknowledgements, but does not exist in Marketing Acknowledgement. Would this posting be considered a vote?

  • Guest commented
    8 Mar, 2019 06:15pm

    See older related idea 881 that was not worded the same way, but the final objective idea was the same.