Self-service Backup requests

Wouldn't it be great if admins could request/produce a full backup of their environments from the application interface?  To have that backup delivered directly into the authorized FTP user account at the push of a button!  With our current business model, we cannot preschedule month end backups as we need to coordinate that activity with our data entry teams.  Data warehouse solutions that incorporate our Customizations increase our operating costs.  Having a self-service option for backups would be a huge benefit and eliminate the current process and associated wait time of submitting a case to produce a backup then waiting for communication that the file is available. The current process is:

1. Requestor submits case for backup--(must give Blackbaud team 2 business days' notice per SLA)

2. Analysts reviews & acknowledges the case then they submit the case to Hosting

3. Hosting schedules the backup and produces the file then transfers it to FTP site

4. Hosting notifies Analyst the backup is ready

5. Analysts notify Requestor the file is ready

6. Requestor retrieves the file. 

A solution that could take us from step 1 to step 6 without going outside of CRM and involving multiple teams could dramatically increase efficiency and maintain the flexibility we need for our monthly backup requests.  Thank you for your consideration!


  • Cheryl Blawusch
  • Mar 13 2019
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  • Mitchell Gibbs commented
    17 Apr, 2019 05:02pm

    We've been migrated to Blackbaud's Azure hosting and they've added a customization which supports both FTP authentication management and self-service backups. Not sure if this is Azure specific, but you might want to ask them about it.

  • Guest commented
    14 Mar, 2019 07:52pm

    Trying to get our monthly backups has been a great source of pain for me, especially lately as the backup never seems to be right. A better way to do this would be much appreciated, as our Finance department can't do any work until I have a clean backup every month.

  • Jaime Fox commented
    14 Mar, 2019 07:44pm