Have a refresh option on a Constituent Map which refreshes the selections

Once we have added some selections to a Constituent Map, and saved the map, there is no way to refresh the selections so that records which newly meet the criteria of the dynamic Ad-hoc Queries, are displayed on the map. If we click the 'Refresh map' button on a saved map, or close it and then reopen it from 'Manage map instances', the query is not re-run so new records are not picked up.  It is very annoying that we have to delete the selection from the map and re-add it to get the desired effect.  Please either change the behaviour so that the selections are automatically refreshed e.g., when we reopen a map, or add an option to 'Refresh selections' or similar so that we can define a map for our staff which they can then easily reuse as data changes, rather than us having to modify the map frequently.

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  • Mar 28 2019
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Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) The Wilderness Society Ltd
Reported Version 4.0
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